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I love everything about it! The staff, the food...perfection!

- Meriah, October 2012
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The Main Bagel is my favorite breakfast spot in Gillette, hands down, and it is also an excellent option for a light lunch.  Their lunch sandwiches are fresh and delicious, and thier breakfast options are real homemade treats.  The breakfast bagel, for example, is one of the best I've had anywhere, in part due to the use of real eggs.  Their cream cheeses are also incredible.  For my part I find the cinnamon Crunch bagel with honey walnut cream cheese irresistable enough to make it difficult to branch out and try new things.  To top it all off, the staff is always friendly and helpful.  This is one of those places that has everything you're looking for in a local cafe--great tasting homemade food and service from people who treat you like a neighbor.
- Stephen, JULY 2011
We have a great culinary team!
Dad (aka guy in the window and the bagel man)
Mom (aka Karen, creator of great soup)
Jade, and Kaci.
Plus our great employees that uphold our outstanding family service.

The best soup I have ever eaten, even better than my mothers. Hope mom doesn't use FB...lol
- Lyle, JULY 2011
I love this place! One of the few great places to eat. It never gets old. I especially love their chicken salad on a spinach parmesan bagel!
- Erin, FEB. 2012
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